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Marta believes it is very important to work within the ethical constraints of the fashion industry. She believes that to copy the concept or construction of another designer is clearly unethical; instead, she seeks to find new and better designs, and to improve existing concepts.

She has acquired extensive experience in myriad area of the fashion industry, including trend research and forecasting, product development, construction and fit, illustration and sketching. She is an expert with fabrics and trims, and is particularly skilled at pattern making.

Marta began MF Couture about five years ago, in an effort to produce her own superbly designed and crafted garments. She can see herself in the fashion business twenty years from now, because fashion is an art form that is ever changing, alternating and combining new concepts and past ideas. “My designs reflect my personality, because they are made from the heart to reflect my feelings”.

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  • Marta Fernandez, Tailored Designer Dresses